The oceans hold 300 times the living capacity of Earth’s small waterless surface. From below, someone is watching….

Deep in the oceans lived bright minds capable of wonderful extremes. They had existed for millions of years and had never been to a world beyond the water, but some imagined it. Some of them even suspected that life might exist in an indescribable world “beyond water.”

Why was a bright glow appearing everywhere above the world? What was the source of this brightness that appeared above them if they ascended, no matter where the people flowed upward to be?

This odd, cosmic pulse of overhead light and darkness encompassed the known universe. Most took it for granted and cared not one bit about what or why it was.

Yet even species closely related feared one another, even those whose primary biological distinctions were that one nation had a fishlike shape, green skin and scales and was comfortable between 5,000 fins below the surface down to 16,000 fins, while the other nation had a humanoid form, blue skin and scales and was functional between 12,000 and 19,000 fins underwater.

Sentient life forms are unavoidably entwined….