Anthony Brady wrote 
This is an inspired, original and creative transfer of imaginative thinking to book form. It’s a kind of inversion of looking out, not into oceans of infinite space and the cosmos, but in actual fact down below the surface of earth’s seas. The story telling possibilities thus become literally endless.
child wrote
The concept of this book is fantastic and the author has obviously put in a great deal of research to enable him to create a watery world beyond our knowing. I particularly liked the idea that two separate and distinct species, the Vertics and Horizos, with a great deal in common not only lived apart but were hostile to each other, one inhabiting deeper waters and the other shallower waters that were still beyond human reach. The author has also thought carefully about these creatures customs and social behaviour, which do not always parallel each others’ way of living.
Ren Nowaki wrote 
Amazing stuff.  Part fairy tale, part blockbuster, this really grabbed me.  Unusual.  Not predictable in the slightest.
So much science fiction goes to outer space. This is a refreshing change. You have an intriguing premise. I like your style, your characterization and dialogue. This is interesting and holds the readers attention.
I love this story and was immediately hooked by your pitch.  (I wrote about civilization in my second children’s book).  The subject matter fascinates me, and your originality had me spellbound as soon as I read the first few lines.  Wonderfully crafted and thought out.  A brilliant imagination is evident here.
rab14 wrote
I knew you could write but found this such an unusual concept that I read on in spite of myself. I know that sounds odd but it’s because I couldn’t really see myself wanting to read about creatures from the deep. Nevertheless it shows that your writing skills proved me wrong. Oroch and his near relations who think his people are ignorant are well thought out characters as is Targo. The idea of a nuclear submarine engaging on such a mission is a tribute to your imagination.
Jonnie J wrote
I like that your work starts with childhood innocence and imagination. You start by taking your reader back to a time when they themselves believed in things beyond the scope of the here and now.  Then as your story progresses we see that the main character still holds to childhood belief.  Good setting and voice.  Nicely done.
The author is a genius. Now I know what it is like to get stoned and look at an aquarium, without doing anything illegal. And now for something completely different… 😉
This is my kind of science fiction, which is saying a lot, because Sci-Fi and fantasy are not high on my list of preferred reads. You have a lilting and lyrical style of writing and your words are carefully chosen. These are features which appeal to my inner poet.  Lilian.
wcoltd wrote
I’ve encountered few book ideas that have made me think “I wish I thought of that”. This is one of those books. I have read over 30 manuscripts. This is my second favorite story I have read so far – it’s brilliant, and is exactly the kind of thing I like.  I love this story and I will probably never forget it.  It’s the perfect analogy to anyone who loves the scientific method and believes in seeing things from another point of view.  This is really a gem.
Elizabeth Wolfe wrote
This is a philosophical and interesting concept.  Of course a commentary on our own ignorance and unwillingness to accept that there very well may be life outside our tiny world.
A timeless tale here, mythic in scope and cadence.
Esrevinu wrote
I found myself entrenched in the sentences and floating from paragraph to paragraph. You have created your own world, your Alice in Wonderland-Wizard of Oz—with own history, culture, and rules. This is storytelling at it best. Scott
WOW what a concept, what a read. You have taken a totally original idea here and crafted a book that cannot be put down too easily. Another world, and almost poetic this book is in the way you have crafted it. That is sheer talent.  Denise