Dear Mr. Games:

Ordinarily I would simply send a form letter with polite, dismissive elements leaving you wondering why we really didn’t understand the depth of your genius. However I decided to attend to you personally.

How can you expect anyone to believe your fantastic premise? What audience are we aiming at here? It’s too sophisticated for children but too incredible for rational people. Can you google? There are no undersea people. We would know by now, wouldn’t we? I mean we have nuclear submarines for god’s sake.

Don’t you think some of these sea people would have been brought up in fishing nets by now? Or that Jacques Cousteau would have put them on one of his TV specials?

You want to write science fiction, right? Here are the catch words: SPACE ….. TIME ….. STARS …..did I mention SPACE?

Mr. Games, please remember, Jules Verne died over a century ago. Do you have anything set in space? Say, have you thought about a rewrite of this Flipper idea? “Tanglespace?”

Best wishes,

Celia Claudeberry
Oblivion Press