There are, roughly, 7 billion moderately intelligent human beings on Earth. There are 8 billion intelligent Horizos in the sea. Ten billion intelligent Vertics as well. And 25,748,583,684 very intelligent tangleshocks.

This is the premise of the novel I came up with when I asked myself what it would REALLY take for a viable undersea civilization to exist.

Let’s face it, such depictions of “Atlantis” as given in popular media are nonsensical. Completely ignored are the simplest aspects of pressure, temperature, acidity, salinity, light…and on and on.

Less than 2% of the total oceanic mass of Earth has been explored by submersibles, submarines or other methods. Sonar mapping has proven crude and inaccurate. Nuclear subs don’t go below 5,000 feet, but the average depth of the world’s oceans in around 13,000 feet, and many vast offshoots are much deeper, down to 38,000 feet and maybe beyond.

The oceans hold 300 times the living space of Earth’s surface.

I’d love to see a well-done Sub-Mariner or Aquaman film, but the effort will have to exceed depictions thus far to be taken seriously.