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The Tangleshock universe has its own “religions” and they are derived from the idea discussed in this article.

The 1st Time Traveler: a gOd-clOck histOry Of the universe

History Of The Universe With A Local Emphasis On Earth

I’ve been doing a little research over the past few decades and came up with this timeline, for any interested in their cosmic heritage.

Using Earth-based nomenclature, I resort to the terms God, Big Bang and Evolution for simplification. I have my own names for them unburdened by cultural biases and more accurately attuned, but let’s not get complicated.

The Constant is my term for what would scientifically be referred to as the quantum foam from which all energy and matter differentiate and arise.

I use the term Time Traveling only as a means to convey the fact that God can, once omnipotent, be anywhere Thee wants to be.

To compare the scale of time for this story, units we can relate to such as seconds, minutes and hours will be used instead on such esoteric units as trillionths of a nanosecond. The whole story will be told in a 12-hour period, from Noon to Midnight.

Here, then, is a brief History Of The Universe.

Noon: 12:00:00

The collapse of a previous universe* (see 11:59:58) reduces space to a superheated pinpoint.


A Big Bang splits energy and matter.


Energy and matter re-converge making quarks, atoms, molecules and elements.


Evolution develops consciousness (which, when Self-awareness is reached will become God)


God thinks – I am – becoming aware of Self.


God creates galaxies, stars and planets from the raw elements.


God imbues matter with consciousness and becomes life forms. All of known history, the present, and the near future. Our total known history, from dinosaur to spaceman, takes place between 3pm and 6pm. Evil is now explained. An evolving God required all experiences possible to gain omniscience.


God achieves Omniscience – awareness of everything. A perfect memory of every moment of every life that was ever lived exists here.


God, as a multitude of individuals assimilates the accumulated knowledge of all life forms and their images in final resolution, aka Heaven/Hell. The multitudes of the past migrate consciousness into two realms, two futures, one at peace and the other in turmoil. The struggles between these realms generates a renewed Self-awareness in the divided consciousness that is God.


God achieves Omnipotence – power over everything – when God realizes that It exists as an entity beyond ordinary matter and energy.


God reaches across all of Time to rectify suffering and neutralize acts of evil – before finally realizing that all of life was God Itself, divided.


God’s Time Traveling activity shortens history to a simple moment of creation. Apparently, God’s rectifications in the last 6 minutes and 3 seconds right up to 11:59:58 alter history, reducing it to a Garden of Eden with nowhere left to go. God is alone once more.


The remaining universe crumbles upon God and comes to an end in fire. Please note the mysterious “moment” of destruction / creation in the last 2 seconds before midnight. This is how long it takes the quantum foam to resettle.

Midnight: 12:00:00

The Constant, that foam of energized matter underlying All, reassembles.

The rest is detail. As you can see, our present manifestation is but a small part of the overall structure of Time. God is a process rather than The Constant underlying Thine. Yet The Constant remains. Indeed, we are God in the making.

In the corridors of existence, that Constant quantum foam might stay dormant for the next 12 hours, as long as it took all of the former universe to be. Only after truly timeless eons might a superheated pinpoint release a Bang once more.

So let’s enjoy our remaining portion of this time together on Earth. I’d say it’s around 4:20 right now.

– Steve Games (mOOn platOOn)



I believe this theory is perfectly understandable by a 12…actually i will make my own daughter (13) reading this…highly curious to see her reaction…

See, she goes to church with her father when she is with him…..

I am only concerned about the 12 hours….can you make it lasting longer? 24 hrs at least? And you talk about a previous universe…any theory about that one?



wOw ginger – are we living parallel lives???

I think, somehow, that in the previous universe there were no Republicans. Or no organized religion. Or something cOOl like that.

I don’t think kids should be exposed to religion. That’s an adult decision, as far as I’m concerned. It’s inaccurate to state that without early exposure to religion a spirituality doesn’t develop. All that a child can do is accept what their elders tell them. That’s brainwashing when applied to religion, because clearly religion, like politics, is ultimately a matter of personal choice.



I used to hate to have to go to Sunday school and church because I thought that the paintings were depressing and morbid and waaaaaay tooo serious lol >>> but not sure how I’d take to hearing that I’m God myself??!!!!? Hmmmmm. As a kid, I mean. That’s hard enough for me to believe as an adult. Wouldn’t we be aware of this?? But now I’m recalling The Book by Alan Watts where he talks about the Game of Hide & Seek, where God is hiding from himself and seeking himself through us. This is sort of the same idea, I suppose. There’s just something people don’t like about thinking themselves to be God, though. Maybe it doesn’t give us anyone else to blame or take ultimate responsibility??? Nice post!!


mOOn…..i give you another example that its higly possible we live parallel lives….lol…

I used the term ‘brainwashed’ in Beyond post about being an agnostic…i used it referring to the nuns of the private Catholic school that got me under their spell for 6 years during the whole elementary school….you can say the most delicate and impressionable years, right?

So you can imagine how much i have been molded and shaped and blessed with liters of holy water ……still……i am a living example that, even though heavily exposed to religion, once a kid grows up there is always the possibility that they will leave the usual path…and choose to go in opposite direction.
I did it……cold turkey…..glam bam thank you mam…..i left that path at 13 and never went back….

But i do agree with you that religion is a personal choice.
But, again, we are what we are beacuse shaped by what we come from….. its how we evolve from what we have been that makes us who we really are now… being us God gives us yes freedom to choose but also blame for choosing badly and leavign us with no one to blame expect ourselves…how many people can take this?

Parallel enough?….lol…


That doesn’t make a real lot of sense. It is not rational. A universe has no need for a god. A god might have use for a universe but it is unlikely.

There is no proof there was a big bang to begin with. All of this is pure mumbo jumbo……

I beg you return to your notes and try again. Perhaps you dropped a page. Have a look on the floor under your desk……..

BTW…. matter and energy are one and the same, and there is no such thing as good and evil in terms of the space-time continuum.



I just wrote something like this on beyond’s post (although not nearly as succinctly or eloquently or even as well thought out). I love pondering these questions.

Pieter: My interpretation of what he’s saying here is that a god would have a use for a universe, and that’s why it gets created in the first place. One theory I heard recently, that resonates with me, is that we all (not just humans, but all forms, animal, mineral, vegetable, etc.) have a spark of the divine in us, and our purpose is to communicate information to that divine entity (which is an energy, just like we are), and eventually reunite with that entity when we’ve achieved a high enough vibrational level, not to reconstruct that entity exactly as it was, but to make it better… a new and improved version, if you will.

As far as good and evil, those are man made terms, and I think mOOn’s way of explaining a purpose for how we perceive the polarity that exists in all things makes perfect sense. The time-space continuum, in my opinion, is just an illusion that exists only in this universe (as is matter), which is one of many in the multiverse. But that’s all just a theory. None of us really know, do we?


Oh no you don’t….. If the universe creates a god because it has a role to play there in, then you need a god to create the universe. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t say that the universe is created spontaneously from the megaverse or multiverse because then nothing has been created. The universe would then simply be an extention of the larger existence. That is, the universe is the product of a parent universe (and possibly so on and on….). That is not creation but continuation.

If you say the universe does just pop into reality from nothing (no multiverse) and there was no need for a god to bring it about, then you will not produce gods within that universe unless the nature of that god is extremely limited. That god would not be omnipitent, for example. Where was it before it “evolved”? That god obviously is not all powerful since he cannot even create a universe. I presume when the universe ends then so would that god, since it is subject to the rules of existence. He must follow the laws of physics – as it were.

No – sorry…. Either god is there… at the time when there is nothing but god… or not at all.

However, we are assuming in these cases that there was a beginning and that there will be an end. I assume no such thing. The universe may have always existed and will always do so. Then there is no need for creation and thus no need for a god.

As for our quest to make the stuff of which we are made better…. If we are all part of the divine energy then we are also divine and therefore by definition are already perfect. You cannot improve on perfection.

Again…. you need to look for the piece of paper under the desk. I promise you, it is there. It has the answer on it. I’m pretty sure.

Either that or it is blank…. which means we have to start all over again. D’oh!!!


I was a bit vague in my first paragraph (above). I mean to say that you can’t create a universe with physics and then develop gods who then create the rest of the place. That makes no sense at all. Either you have gods to create to whole lot, or none of it.

Such a god would not fit the description of what a god is. A god is all powerful and all knowing. A god must therefore always exist before anything else. A god would therefore exist where nothing else exists. Is that possible. If there is nothing can sometihing exist in it?

Do you see a problem here????



I see the problem, Pie. You know that God can’t exist where nothing else does. By definition, “God” (as popularly conceived) is omniscient and omnipotent. There is no reason why God has to start out that way. Hence, later on, the “Time Traveling” aspect. If God evolves like everything else does, physics can result in a full blown universe (in this case nothing is being “created” – it always exists as the quantum foam minimally at the very least) that leads to an initial intelligence. That intelligence begins to act on that which it observes – or interacts with – thus changing it through that interaction (Bohm). Given long enough, intelligent design could well begin to influence the universe. But from there, under these conditions, God itself is also within and of the universe and ultimately subject to disintegration and collapse. If this doesn’t fit the “Hallmark” definition of God, neither does a lot of the behavior attributed to the God of the Old Testament. But who, after all, can call any entity capable of shaping galaxies and stars and planets anything less than a God?




Oh, also – you seem to imply that a lesser thing (the universe) cannot result in a greater thing (God), yet that is sometimes the very consequence of evolution, and there is a word for that which is greater than the sum of its parts – synergy. God could be a synergistic result of universal components capable of rising above the “laws” of physics. Then It just might save the universe from cyclic destruction – or send it there even faster for recycling.



I will read your posts again but only if you read mine again. Either you have not understood me or the reverse.

I am not saying a universe cannot be created by god. I am saying a universe would not give rise to a god. That would not make sense unless we redefine what god is. We must speak of the god in the traditional sense. That is one that is “all that” (so to speak). God can do anything – by definition. God can even exist in paradox. He can be and not be simultaneously no matter how much we don’t like it. However I would argue that that is in fact “being” at all times albeit not apparent to us or to god himeself (excuse the masculine anthromorphication of god). If god can exist and not exist before, during or after the universe had been created then I defy god and claim he exists now and that he existed at all those times – whether he likes it or not. (get back in that quantum world god!!!)

I further challenge god and say that I am prepared to accept a paradox for only a very short time before I lose my mortal patience…. I will not tolerate a god who is strong enough to lift a rock so big which he created to be the rock not even god can lift. In other words, can he make a rock so heavy not even he can lift it? Uh oh………..

Can god destroy himself. Can anything else destroy him?

How long did god sit around waiting to get to get bored with nothingness I wonder? What inspired god to suddenly bring existence into being? Or did he merely extend himself so that he became manifest in the universe. Then god and the universe are one and the same. If that is true then all this discussion is moot. None of this matters since then the whole damn thing has always existed and always will. No beginning – no end. If that is true then I see no need for a god. Therefore that makes no sense either.

Frankly I do not believe that god is intelligent. That is a human quality. It is not rational. My image of a god is that he simply is. God does not “do”. He “is”. He does not create nor destroy. He is the stuff and that’s it.

Perhaps god could do anything but he doesn’t. He was supposed to have said “I am”. He did not say “I do” or “I will do – later when I feel like it”.

Anyway…. I need coffee now. God no longer makes my coffee for me. Bye. kissy kissy…..



Yes…yes, we ARE redifining “God.” That’s why I’m not a Christian, etc.

Let’s not nitpick over the term “intelligence.” Although God’s IQ would be off the scale even by MY assessment. Matter and energy – the stuff and the fluff – is indeed one thing in at least two forms. That’s why it might even make sense that half of God was dormant and the other half active, the active acting upon the dormant.

I’ve been reading these posts at work so in the midst of this day (involving a real weirdo who went ballistic and got loud and threatening with everyone before making a dramatic exit) I may have misread or missed something, I do intend to peruse this again in awhile…just got off.

But yes, exactly I’m redefining God and I think that God has 3 manifestations simultaneously, under my theory. Hang on…




I sounds like you have one of those toxic sociopathic lunatics at your work place. You know you are duty bound to destroy them. They will make life at work a misery until one of you is dead or fired.

You clearly have no option but to play god and kill the evil prick.

I shall leave you to your plotting and scheming. (muhahaha…etc.)

Toodles…… kissy kissy. Piet.



…[continued]…okay, 3 manifestations simulataneously.

One – The New God, who eventually becomes Omniscient and Omnipotent, but who has created galaxies, stars and planets before achieving such heights, thus is imperfect but powerful…

Two – The Omniscient God – the inventor / realm of Heaven + Hell, the afterlife overseer, the Judge who knows everything and puts your personality where it belongs…

Three – The Omnipotent God – The Time Traveler who interacts with Its own prior forms, as if you could visit your childhood self and co-exist simultaneously. There’s no paradox here. God is now Omnipotent and can do whatever It wants.

I’m wondering if it might even be so that when Omnipotent God meets New God, life forms witnessing the spectacle may think that New God is The Devil.

The perfection attributed to God may be our greatest mistake. You don’t have to be perfect to come across as all-powerful. I suggest the possibility that any God who can DO anything as well as KNOWS everything is going to eventually come to a dead halt – all alone.

To be all-powerful is to be ultimately powerless.




Okay Pie, later – and yes, that guy was over the top – not the norm, or God knows (pun intended) I’d quit.




Oh, Pie, one more thing. Notice that even when “God” is offline, we have that which I call The Constant. There’s no such thing as nothing.



You are toying with god. How dare you!!!!

Make up your mind – would you. Either god is the classic “I can do anything” god or nothing. The rest are not gods but very very clever (and probably naughty) boys with too much time on their hands. What do you think the universe is? America????

Get out of it you weirdo….. I reject your reality utterly.

BTW Nothing cannot be – but only for the time being……


Now leave me alone….. Judge Judy is on.


Heh heh——–I get it. It’s 4:20. ><><><>< Heh. Hrmph.



No… It is 7:39PM on Thursday
Australian eastern standard time


Four…twenty….four twenty…..4:20 (it’s a counter-cultural reference – am I the only one who knows this?>


No… It is 7:18PM on Friday
Australian eastern standard time

You’re stuck in that time loop again. Dammnit Virgil, must you play with that damn contraption? Last time I had to tell you 446 times before you realised it….. <sigh>


447…but who’s counting? ppppfffffffffffffffffffffffffftt.


If you had been counting properly you’d know it is now at 1128……

on the tone it will be 7:41PM precisely – Saturday
Australian eastern standard time


well I find it intriguing that the stone master is the one who mentioned 4:20.

Anyways, this would have been nice to have at the beginning of my Philosophy of Religions class last semester.

And even if we look at it this way, people will STILL debate….is God the chicken or the egg, and which one came first?

Very interesting post! You posted this on my blog for me to read, and I hope other readers who venture there will venture here.