1.   Life exists in water and water provides 300 times the living space of Earth’s surface.

2.   Only 2% of the ocean has been explored by actual people, submersibles, submarines and probes. The rest is a mystery.

3.   New species are regularly discovered at an astounding rate.

4.   Everything on Earth is floating. There is no actual known end to the depth of certain ocean trenches and Earth’s mantle itself is fluid. We’re all resting on drifting crust.

5.   Extreme environments in the ocean such as thermal vents thousands of degrees hot are host to life.

6.   Several species of life that exist in the ocean are known to have complex forms of communication. It is expected that there are hundreds of thousands of species yet to be discovered.

7.   Almost all creatures are restricted to specific life zones where their bodies are best suited for the pressures, acidity, energy sources and chemistry of the ocean’s numerous environs. As are surface dwellers.

8.   The ocean has layers, like a cake, and they don’t mix easily. There are at least 5 distinct zones as depth increases.

9.   There is virtually no sunlight below 300 feet of water. The color red is one of the first things to disappear. Blue is one of the last. Then blackness.

10.   Deep sea creatures have been known to cast their own light, bioluminescence