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Greenland is the backdrop to the opening of our story in Tangleshock, and is full of mysteries.

What happened to the Vikings after 1410? They vanished without a trace.

What happened to the nuclear bomb that was never found after the B52 crash near Thule Air Base in January 1968?

What was happening at the top-secret facility in Hospital Valley in the 1950s? And why has this information been forever guarded?

These and other mysteries abound on the world’s largest island.


Disney was wrong.

The small-world illusion is just that.

Earth is huge. We know nothing about this world before yesterday, and we haven’t a clue as to what is going on elsewhere in the world other than a small portion of the planet’s surface crust. Our self-absorption denies us the ancient insights gained by looking up to the sky in wonder or sensing that the sea is much more than a giant bathtub that we’ve mastered because we skim across its surface and dive a tiny way into its depths.

It’s a big, big world.

Much bigger than we think. And full of surprises few of us spend any time imagining or searching for.

“I was aboard the U.S.S Monrovia APA-31, which was in route to Norfolk, Va., from a six month deployment in the Mediterranean. At approximately 9 PM a large submerged object was sighted on the starboard side, just aft of the stern.

The object was an elongated ovoid in shape, luminescent orange in color, and appeared to have a translucent quality.

The USO matched several course and speed changes, and rendered compass, radar, and radio equipment inoperable.

As quickly as the object seemed to have appeared, it disappeared.
The length of the sighting was approximately 90 minutes and was witnessed by 11001 members of the crew and a contingent of US Marines”.
USS Monrovia

“I reported the target to the ship and was informed that the target was also held on the ship’s radars, 14 in number, and for us to get a visual sighting if possible. This was impossible because of the clouds. The target retained his relative position for approximately 5 minutes and then departed in excess of one thousand miles per hour.

I was informed that the object was held on ship’s radars for approximately seven hours”.
Lt. Cmdr. M. C. Davies

“The observation that Ioannis S. Michalos, master of the Dolphin, registered upon his arrival in the port of Ashdod, two days after the event had occurred, revealed that at approximately 8:10 P.M., he, a lookout, and the cook witnessed three bright objects directly above the sea’s surface.

At this time the first electromagnetic effects were observed. The captain’s personal television, located in his office, stopped working.
Also, during the five minutes of this sighting, the magnetic, compass was 20 degrees further east than normal. The compass was again working correctly at 8:38″.
Hellenic M.V. Dolphin 1977

“Then we saw a large blue glow approaching our ship underwater from the stern..and it was pulsing almost like the way embers flicker.

It was sort of oval in shape, but being underwater one could not see a definite shape, except that is was about as wide as it was long and that our ship’s length was about the size of its diameter”.
USS Ponce

“I was on the command bridge outside on the port side and looking to the lights of Palm Beach in distance just abeam and then I saw the lights under the surface some 30-40 meters away just abeam in the depth of some 10-15 meters. It looked like a big airplane without wings, tail with all the windows lit on it. There were some 10-15 windows, but I did not count them”.
Captain of the Swedish vessel GRICHUNA 1970

“Suddenly, the lights went out. There appeared a yellow halo on the water. It turned to an orange, to a fiery red, and then started movement toward us at a fantastic speed, turning to a bluish red around the perimeter. Due to its high speed, its direction of travel, and its size, it looked as though we were going to be engulfed.

It stopped its movement toward us and began moving along with us about 45 degrees off the bow to the right, about 100 feet or so below us and about 200 to 300 feet in front of us. It was not in a level position; it was tilted about 25 degrees.

It stayed in this position for a minute or so. It appeared to be from 200 to 300 feet in diameter, translucent or metallic, shaped like a saucer, a purple-red fiery ring around the perimeter and a frosted white glow around the entire object. The purple-red glow around the perimeter was the same type of glow you get around the commutator of an auto generator when you observe it at night.

When we landed at Argentia (Newfoundland), we were met by intelligence officers. The types of questions they asked us were like Henry Ford asking about the Model T.

You got the feeling that they were putting words in your mouth.

It was obvious that there had been many sightings in the same area, and most of the observers did not let the cat out of the bag openly. When we arrived in the United States, we had to make a full report to Navy Intelligence.

I found out a few months later that Gander radar did track the object in excess of 1800 mph”.
Captain of Navy R5D aircraft,February 8,1951.

Crew members and passengers witnessed UFO emerging from the Atlantic ocean

Puerto Rico, the Caribbean’s so called Island of Enchantment, lies in one corner of the area that has become known as the Bermuda Triangle, renowned for the disappearances of ships and boats, and for sightings of ‘flying saucers’. It is here, in this former US. colony, whose politics and defence are still inextricably bound up with America, that much of my research into the USO phenomenon has focused.

A great deal of the strange activity around the island has centred on the 28,000 acres of mountainous rainforest known as El Yunque, on the north-eastern coast.

Jose Orlando Golis, who works for the Puerto Rican government, lives close to El Yunque. ‘Many people have seen UFOs flying over the water close to the surface,’ he told me. ‘Once, at 1am, we saw one with many coloured lights flying next to the sea just over the surface.

‘At first we thought it was a boat. It seemed to be dark underneath and had lights – mostly red and blue at another, upper level. Then it angled and moved upwards. It made a humming sound, and seemed to head in the direction of El Yunque.’

Felix Rivera is a diver with an underwater salvage company based near the American Naval Air Station which adjoins El Yunque, one of many U.S. bases on the island. He confirmed to me that UFOs and USOs have frequently been observed often by American military personnel.

‘Navy Seals – America’s elite special forces – have seen USOs here,’ he revealed. ‘Some have told me that these things will often come up close to boats, then shoot off. They move too fast underwater to be ours.’
Timothy Good,Unearthly Disclosure

Feb. 8, 1960 The Argentinean Navy was tracking two unidentified submerged objects beneath their waters. Then, on their sonar, they observed the underwater objects break apart. As soon as the objects broke apart, they flew out of the water and into the sky. This case caught the attention of the Soviet Union, who sent officials to investigate the incident.

March, 1963 A U.S. Navy submarine exercise was taking place off the coast of Puerto Rice. Sonar indicated an unidentified submerged object traveling well below the U.S. subs. The object was traveling at speeds of over 150 knots, and U.S. personnel were also astonished at the depth at which the USO was moving. The object was over 20,000 feet under the ocean. A typical “crush” depth for a submarine is 7,000 feet, but this object was exceeding the technical capabilities of all subs, even those of today. The USO was tracked for almost four days by the entire carrier crew. It was reported that the USO would propel away, but then stop to rest, allowing for continual tracking by the navy.

Nov. 11, 1972 Reported in the International Press, on Nov. 11, 1972, the Norwegian Navy was tracking a fast moving submarine like object on sonar. A fleet of surface ships with specially equipped sub hunter helicopters was assembled to find the object. On Nov. 20, 1972, the USO was seen visually for the first time. It was described as being a massive silent cigar shaped object. One of the ships promptly fired it’s guns and torpedoes at the craft. Some of the other ships who also saw the object fired at it, but the object began to dive. Then the ships started dropping depth charges. After tracking the object for two weeks, the Navy decided to blockade the cove and trap the object. However, after about fourteen or fifteen days, the object disappeared.

In March, 1963, American submarines were involved in exercises, with a fleet of surface ships, a hundred miles off the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. One of the subs broke off from its assigned course and began pursuing an unidentified object that their scopes told them was travelling in excess of 150 knots at a depth of 20,000 feet!

Bruce Maccabee told us that such speeds and depths were, and still are, impossible for today’s submersibles, with the crush depth for submarines being about 7,000 feet. The USO was tracked for four days by the carrier group, with the object moving at impossible speeds before stopping. Reports were sent to CINCLANT (Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Command), but no determination was made as to the nature of the unidentified craft.

November 11th, 1972, and the Norwegian Navy began tracking a USO for two weeks in the Sognefjord, one of the longest and deepest fjords in the world. A fleet of ships and submarine-hunting helicopters were tasked with locating the object. On November 20th, the object was seen exiting the water. It was described as ‘a massive, silent, cigar-shaped object’. One of the ships opened fire on the object, but it simply sank back down beneath the waves. Depth charges were dropped to no avail. Then a plan was drawn up to blockade the fjord and trap the USO, but the object disappeared.

In 1960, the Argentinean Navy tracked two unidentified submerged objects in the Golfo Nuevo, 650 miles south of Buenos Aires. At first it was thought that they were US submarines, but then they appeared to break apart and fly out of the water. Paul Stonehill, co-author with Philip Mantle of UFO-USSR, explained how the objects simply emerged from the water and vanished. Paul went on to tell us that the Soviet leader at the time, Nikita Khrushchev, was so impressed with the report that he ordered his representative in Buenos Aires to find out more about the event.

In 1989, a large object was seen by multiple witnesses (and picked up on sonar) resting on the surface of the water in the Pacific Ocean. It released several, smaller objects before submerging. It was tracked on sonar heading south towards the Santa Catalina Channel before disappearing.

SOURCE: Argentine national newspaper “El Razón” 2 August 1967, also quoted in full in: Antonio Las Heras: “Informe sobre los visitantes extraterrestres y sus naves voladoras”: Buenos Aires, 1974.

SHIP REPORTING: Argentine-flag freighter “Naveiro”, ELMA shipping company, Buenos Aires. Ship was under command of Captain Julio Lucas Ardanza and heading for Buenos Aires to discharge. Crew of 40. Freight: Explosives and general cargo. Captain addressed a Press conference upon docking at Buenos Aires 2315 hrs 1 August 1967.

LOCATION: Waters of Santa Marta Grande, south of Gulf of Santa Catalina, about 120 miles off coast of southern Brazil.

CONDITIONS: A night sighting, dark with much marine phosphorescence.

TIME AND DATE OF OCCURRENCE: 1815 hrs Argentine time, Sunday 30 July 1967.

PARTICULARS OF INCIDENT: A good lookout was being kept because of the explosives aboard. The off-duty crew was at supper. The captain was called to the bridge by the first mate, Jorge Montoya, and shown what appeared to be a submarine about 9 metres off the starboard bow.

Captain Ardanza described the vessel as “a luminous submarine 30 metres in length the shape of an elongated Havanna cigar”. It was running semi-submerged. He could see no conning tower, periscopes, rudders or propellors. The submarine left no wake. It was clear to see because of its strange light blue/white luminescence. It remained alongside the ship for fifteen minutes matching it for speed, then increased to 25 knots, submerged and headed below the freighter and away”.

In response to reporters’ questions, Captain Ardanza stated that he had been a ship’s captain for twenty years and knew the difference between a submarine and a whale. The submarine was “rigid not flexible.” The sighting was reporting by radio to the Brazilian shore authority which failed to reply.


The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is being offered the position of spokesmodel for the animated version of Tangleshock. Rumer Willis may deny the offer, which would then go to Mel Gibson. If not Mel, then Katee Sackhoff.

Producers have not made the reasoning clear for these choices, which some say are “all wet.”

There are, roughly, 7 billion moderately intelligent human beings on Earth. There are 8 billion intelligent Horizos in the sea. Ten billion intelligent Vertics as well. And 25,748,583,684 very intelligent tangleshocks.

This is the premise of the novel I came up with when I asked myself what it would REALLY take for a viable undersea civilization to exist.

Let’s face it, such depictions of “Atlantis” as given in popular media are nonsensical. Completely ignored are the simplest aspects of pressure, temperature, acidity, salinity, light…and on and on.

Less than 2% of the total oceanic mass of Earth has been explored by submersibles, submarines or other methods. Sonar mapping has proven crude and inaccurate. Nuclear subs don’t go below 5,000 feet, but the average depth of the world’s oceans in around 13,000 feet, and many vast offshoots are much deeper, down to 38,000 feet and maybe beyond.

The oceans hold 300 times the living space of Earth’s surface.

I’d love to see a well-done Sub-Mariner or Aquaman film, but the effort will have to exceed depictions thus far to be taken seriously.

…has existed in the waters of the Earth for millions of years. Notes on the background of Tangleshock.

There are, roughly, 7 billion moderately intelligent human beings on Earth. There are 8 billion intelligent Horizos in the sea. Ten billion intelligent Vertics as well. And 25,748,583,684 very intelligent tangleshocks.

They have never been to a world beyond the water, but they have imagined it. Some of them even suspect that life may exist in an indescribable world “beyond water.”

There have been clues. Things have been found. Strange things, falling from above. But no one can breathe up there. No one can live up there. There’s no real reason even to think that anyone at all could exist up there.

Yet Oroch (the first “hero” of Tangleshock) was certain that someone could. He believed that life was everywhere. And he was willing to risk everything to prove it.

The People

-two types, fish-bodied Vertics and humanoid-formed Horizos (cousin species)

-both possess the ability to create their own light, one blue (Horizos) and rather extreme including brilliant flashes, the other sufficient green (Vertics).

-Both types are comfortable at a depth of 15,000 feet  (blue, lower depth / green, higher)

-The Horizos /Blue have a range of 12,000 feet to 19,000 feet below sea level

-The Vertics / Green have a range of 16,000 feet to 5,000 feet below sea level

-They would perish on the surface without pressurized protection, they would explode

Their Homes

The Vertics:

Much life centers on Vertic Seamounts that rise from the depths, where fish and other sea life congregate to spawn and feed. Living in Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Japan

The Horizos:

Horizos Basin in the Arctic Ocean at 15,305 ft

Ice Basin 17,881 ft. (Arctic)

Ion Basin 16,896 ft (Mediterranean Sea)

Over 30 deep sea trenches where they can thrive

Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans only, except for the advanced arctic homesteads

Nowhere above 12,000 ft – Rarely found in Atlantic

Crossing to Arctic and to Mediterranean was/is a risky, adventurous, enterprising undertaking in very shallow and strangely inhabited seas

Though the oceans comprise about 71% of the Earth’s surface, due to their depth they encompass about 300 times the habitable volume of the terrestrial habitats on Earth. This is a tremendous wilderness.

Building Materials

Marine environments are the home to many exotic biological materials that may inspire biomimetic materials. These are the foundations of aquatic technology. “In a non-aquatic environment,” one of them might wonder about someone in our world, “how can anyone grow the necessary bio-molecules to form technology? It seems impossible.”

Their Healthcare

Recent marine biotechnology has focused largely on marine biomolecules, especially proteins, that may have uses in medicine (Vertics) or engineering (Horizos). Microscopic life undersea is incredibly diverse and still poorly understood. For example, the role of viruses (VILLAIN?) in marine ecosystems is barely being explored even in the beginning of the 21st century.

While less than 2% of Earth’s oceans have been truly explored, many conditions that are known to humanity are assumed in Tangleshock to exist throughout the seas and must be coped with by the intelligent natives within.

Their Challenges

Vertics – Patrolling the Open Ocean to protect their populations. Conditions in the Open Ocean = lack of nutrients, vast, consists mostly of jellyfish and its predators such as the mola mola, as well as Cnidaria (jellyfish / sea anemones), Ctenophora, sea worms including the phyla Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, Annelida, Sipuncula, Echiura, Chaetognatha, and for Horizos > Phoronida, and Mollusca including shellfish, squid and octopus. Other foods include Arthropoda consisting of Chelicerata and Crustacea, Porifera, Bryozoa, and Echinodermata including starfish. And then there are Urochordata including sea squirts or tunicates. Odd tasty shapes made of unusual materials are reported rarely, origins unknown. Major ocean currents and tides affect ocean life forms, including their growth, distribution and well-being.

Vertics / Exploring the boundaries, the great slopes of the uppermost of detectible sea levels, not quite touching anywhere near the surface but vaguely aware of Intertidal zones (mangroves, cordgrass, beach grass)… those areas close to the end of water, are constantly being retracted before reclaiming territory by the ocean’s tides. A huge array of life lives within this zone. Shore habitats span from the upper intertidal zones to the area where dry vegetation takes prominence. It can be underwater anywhere from daily to very infrequently. Many species here are scavengers, living off of alien forms that might be pulled into the waves. It is suspected that strange animals from beyond the water must exist and may also make much use of the shore and intertidal habitats. Many weird artifacts are discovered on the great slopes here regularly.

Horizos – Vertics / Exploring regions of Hydrothermal vents along the mid-ocean ridge spreading centers that act as oases and their opposites, cold seeps. Such places support unique biomes and many new microbes and other life forms have been discovered at these locations

Vertics / Exploring oil vents and oil clouds, mysterious sudden bursts of black petroleum sometimes caused by strange long rock descending from beyond water. Observation and tracking of new forms of life in those areas.

Horizos / Exploring the depths of the deepest trenches, particularly The deepest recorded oceanic trenches measure to date – the Mariana Trench, near the Philippines, in the Pacific Ocean at 10,924 m (35,838 ft). At such depths, water pressure is extreme and there is no sunlight, but life still exists.

Their Natural Enemies

Vertics VS the Polar Bear (Family Ursidae) considered a marine mammal because of its dependence on the sea. Encounters are rare due to latitude and relatively shallow bear diving depth.

Vertics VS dolphins, and porpoises, as well as Seals (Family Phocidae), sea lions (Family Otariidae – which also include the fur seals), and the Walrus (Family Odobenidae) are considered pinnipeds (all hate the Vertics for some reason)

Vertics VS Predators including mainly sharks and barracuda.

Horizos VS the Giant Sea Snakes (70 meters long, as large a bus)… Despite their marine adaptations, most sea snakes prefer shallow waters not far from land, around islands, especially waters that are somewhat sheltered, as well as near estuaries.

Horizos VS Plantimals (gargantuan aphotic zone carnivores indistinguishable between plant and animal)

Horizos VS some once-thought extinct marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, evolved to be viviparous and have no requirement to return to land.

Their Nutrition Sources

Zooplankton farms (non-microscopic) Many Protozoa including dinoflagellates, zooflagellates, foraminiferans, and radiolarians. Some (like dinoflagellates) are also phytoplankton; cnidarians, ctenophores, chaetognaths, molluscs, arthropods, urochordates, and annelids such as polychaetes. fish larvae and starfish. Most ocean life breeds in specific places, nests or not in others, spends time as juveniles in still others, and in maturity in yet others. These farms attract the most desirable edible sea food. Other types of farms or plots repel certain life.


Considered dangerous are Reefs that comprise some of the densest and most diverse habitats in the world. The best-known types of reefs are tropical coral reefs which exist in most tropical waters; however, reefs can also exist in cold water. Reefs are built up by corals and other calcium-depositing animals, usually on top of a rocky outcrop on the ocean floor. Strange shapes have been reported at the top of the world in these areas.

life cycles of various species and where they spend their time.

Vertics / Mysterious items from a world “above” indicate the existence of a “God” or “Gods.” One third of The People believe it’s one God. One third believe that it’s many Gods. And another third believe that there may be life outside of water.

Horizos / aphotic zone‘s energy supplied by open ocean in form of detritus. the point where sunlight loses its power of transference through the water. Many life forms that live at these depths have the ability to create their own extreme light.


Vertics / Sargass Forest Kelp Forest (macro algae) Sargassum, kelp

Seagrass Meadow (non algae salinity adapted) eelgrass, turtle grass, Zostera

Horizos / Cetaceans include toothed whales (Suborder Odontoceti), such as the Sperm Whale, dolphins, and porpoises such as the Dall’s porpoise. Cetaceans also include baleen whales (Suborder Mysticeti), such as the Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, and Blue Whale. Whales serve as undersea transports, responding to the guidance of The People. Without whales, many Horizos would be restricted to living in Arctic basins.

Sharing The World With

Horizos / phytoplankton = the most numerous primary producers on Earth. cyanobacteria (also called blue-green algae/bacteria), various types of algae (red, green, brown, and yellow-green), diatoms, dinoflagellates, euglenoids, coccolithophorids, cryptomonads, chrysophytes, chlorophytes, prasinophytes, and silicoflagellates.

Vertics / Fish = a two-chambered heart, operculum, secretory cells that produce mucous, swim bladder, scales, fins, lips and eyes. sardines, anchovy, ling cod, clownfish (also known as anemonefish), and bottom fish which include halibut or ling cod.

Reptiles = sea turtles, sea snakes, terrapins, the marine iguana, and the saltwater crocodile.

Extant marine reptiles, except for some sea snakes, are oviparous and need to return to land to lay their eggs. Thus most species, excepting sea turtles, spend most of their lives on or near land rather than in the ocean.

Seabirds = albatross, penguins, gannets, and auks. Although they spend most of their lives in the ocean, species such as gulls can often be found thousands of miles inland.

The Sea Otter is a member of the Family Mustelidae, which includes weasels and badgers.

Sirenians include manatees, the Dugong.

However, all knowledge is subject to modification with new information.

Get the full story here:

by Mike Wall Senior Writer – Thu Dec 2, 6:31 pm ET

Scientists haven’t yet found E.T., but the discovery of an Earth microbe that thrives on arsenic should greatly broaden the search for life beyond Earth, NASA announced today (Dec. 2).

In a much-anticipated press conference, NASA announced that the bacterium GFAJ-1, found in a briny California lake, doesn’t just tolerate arsenic — it can incorporate the poisonous stuff into its DNA and other vital molecules in place of the usual phosphorus.

“We’ve cracked open the door to what’s possible for life elsewhere in the universe,” said study lead author Felisa Wolfe-Simon, NASA astrobiology research fellow at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif. “What else might we find? What else might we want to look for?”

NASA sent out alerts for the conference on Monday (Nov. 29), setting the Internet abuzz with speculation and rumors that life beyond Earth had been found, perhaps on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The actual discovery — which is very much terrestrial — falls short of those expectations, dashing the hopes of some who may have let their imaginations run wild.

“I’m sorry if they’re disappointed,” Mary Voytek, director of NASA’s astrobiology program, told reporters today. “But this is a huge deal. This is a phenomenal finding.”

Science fact looks like fiction

Scientists had regarded phosphorus as one of six key ingredients — along with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur — that all life on Earth needs to survive.

So finding a microbe that substitutes arsenic for phosphorus is like coming face to face with the fictional Horta beast from the science-fiction TV show “Star Trek,” one of the scientists said. The Horta was based on silicon rather than carbon.

“In our mind, this is the equivalent,” Voytek said. “It will fundamentally change the way we define life, and perhaps the way we look for it.”

Search for extraterrestrial life

In particular, scientists hunting for life on Titan, Mars and other bodies throughout the solar system and beyond should open their minds, according to researchers. For if some life-forms on Earth are doing something so radically different, who knows what alien life might look like? [The Weirdest Life on Earth]

“The implication is that we still don’t know everything there is to know about what may make a habitable environment,” said astrobiologist Pamela Conrad of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “It opens up our perspective.”

The discovery also stresses that researchers shouldn’t focus narrowly on looking for signatures of certain molecules, Conrad added. Rather, they should assess a variety of variables at any particular site.

As an example, arsenic may be a more likely life ingredient than phosphorus in certain environments, such as Titan, researchers said. Titan is so cold — temperatures average minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 179 degrees Celsius) — that stable molecules like phosphate might not be reactive enough to help generate or sustain life.

Phosphate, a molecule composed of phosphorus and oxygen, is a key ingredient in the DNA of “normal” life. In the weird bacterium, the much more unstable arsenate apparently can take its place.

On Titan, “you might well want to have the increased reactivity of arsenate,” said biochemist Steven Benner of the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Fla., during the press conference.

Benner made the skeptic’s case against the new discovery, saying he thinks arsenate is likely too unstable to have been truly incorporated into the bacterium’s DNA.

A second genesis?

The arsenic-munching bacterium can utilize phosphorus as well as arsenic. In fact, it grows faster when given phosphorus. So it’s probably just extremely adaptable, not a life-form so fundamentally different as to belong to an entirely separate tree of life, researchers said.

But such organisms may be out there, waiting to be found. If such a “shadow biosphere” exists — if life has truly evolved more than once on Earth — that implies that life isn’t so special, that it can take root fairly easily. So the odds of life existing elsewhere in the universe would shoot up.

That’s just speculation — for now. The study does open scientists’ eyes to new possibilities, suggesting that life can assume more various forms — and live in a wider variety of places — than previously thought, researchers said.

So it’s important to make sure life-hunting probes are flexible — able to explore many different environments and to look for many different molecules, researchers said. That way, future probes could reduce the chances of overlooking evidence of alien life simply because it appears in a form that is completely unexpected. “You would hate to go somewhere and not find it,” Conrad said.

Arsenic-Eating Bacteria Open New Possibilities for Alien Life

Extremophiles: World’s Weirdest Life, California’s Mono Lake

How Does Arsenic Kill?

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The Tangleshock universe has its own “religions” and they are derived from the idea discussed in this article.

The 1st Time Traveler: a gOd-clOck histOry Of the universe

History Of The Universe With A Local Emphasis On Earth

I’ve been doing a little research over the past few decades and came up with this timeline, for any interested in their cosmic heritage.

Using Earth-based nomenclature, I resort to the terms God, Big Bang and Evolution for simplification. I have my own names for them unburdened by cultural biases and more accurately attuned, but let’s not get complicated.

The Constant is my term for what would scientifically be referred to as the quantum foam from which all energy and matter differentiate and arise.

I use the term Time Traveling only as a means to convey the fact that God can, once omnipotent, be anywhere Thee wants to be.

To compare the scale of time for this story, units we can relate to such as seconds, minutes and hours will be used instead on such esoteric units as trillionths of a nanosecond. The whole story will be told in a 12-hour period, from Noon to Midnight.

Here, then, is a brief History Of The Universe.

Noon: 12:00:00

The collapse of a previous universe* (see 11:59:58) reduces space to a superheated pinpoint.


A Big Bang splits energy and matter.


Energy and matter re-converge making quarks, atoms, molecules and elements.


Evolution develops consciousness (which, when Self-awareness is reached will become God)


God thinks – I am – becoming aware of Self.


God creates galaxies, stars and planets from the raw elements.


God imbues matter with consciousness and becomes life forms. All of known history, the present, and the near future. Our total known history, from dinosaur to spaceman, takes place between 3pm and 6pm. Evil is now explained. An evolving God required all experiences possible to gain omniscience.


God achieves Omniscience – awareness of everything. A perfect memory of every moment of every life that was ever lived exists here.


God, as a multitude of individuals assimilates the accumulated knowledge of all life forms and their images in final resolution, aka Heaven/Hell. The multitudes of the past migrate consciousness into two realms, two futures, one at peace and the other in turmoil. The struggles between these realms generates a renewed Self-awareness in the divided consciousness that is God.


God achieves Omnipotence – power over everything – when God realizes that It exists as an entity beyond ordinary matter and energy.


God reaches across all of Time to rectify suffering and neutralize acts of evil – before finally realizing that all of life was God Itself, divided.


God’s Time Traveling activity shortens history to a simple moment of creation. Apparently, God’s rectifications in the last 6 minutes and 3 seconds right up to 11:59:58 alter history, reducing it to a Garden of Eden with nowhere left to go. God is alone once more.


The remaining universe crumbles upon God and comes to an end in fire. Please note the mysterious “moment” of destruction / creation in the last 2 seconds before midnight. This is how long it takes the quantum foam to resettle.

Midnight: 12:00:00

The Constant, that foam of energized matter underlying All, reassembles.

The rest is detail. As you can see, our present manifestation is but a small part of the overall structure of Time. God is a process rather than The Constant underlying Thine. Yet The Constant remains. Indeed, we are God in the making.

In the corridors of existence, that Constant quantum foam might stay dormant for the next 12 hours, as long as it took all of the former universe to be. Only after truly timeless eons might a superheated pinpoint release a Bang once more.

So let’s enjoy our remaining portion of this time together on Earth. I’d say it’s around 4:20 right now.

– Steve Games (mOOn platOOn)



I believe this theory is perfectly understandable by a 12…actually i will make my own daughter (13) reading this…highly curious to see her reaction…

See, she goes to church with her father when she is with him…..

I am only concerned about the 12 hours….can you make it lasting longer? 24 hrs at least? And you talk about a previous universe…any theory about that one?



wOw ginger – are we living parallel lives???

I think, somehow, that in the previous universe there were no Republicans. Or no organized religion. Or something cOOl like that.

I don’t think kids should be exposed to religion. That’s an adult decision, as far as I’m concerned. It’s inaccurate to state that without early exposure to religion a spirituality doesn’t develop. All that a child can do is accept what their elders tell them. That’s brainwashing when applied to religion, because clearly religion, like politics, is ultimately a matter of personal choice.



I used to hate to have to go to Sunday school and church because I thought that the paintings were depressing and morbid and waaaaaay tooo serious lol >>> but not sure how I’d take to hearing that I’m God myself??!!!!? Hmmmmm. As a kid, I mean. That’s hard enough for me to believe as an adult. Wouldn’t we be aware of this?? But now I’m recalling The Book by Alan Watts where he talks about the Game of Hide & Seek, where God is hiding from himself and seeking himself through us. This is sort of the same idea, I suppose. There’s just something people don’t like about thinking themselves to be God, though. Maybe it doesn’t give us anyone else to blame or take ultimate responsibility??? Nice post!!


mOOn…..i give you another example that its higly possible we live parallel lives….lol…

I used the term ‘brainwashed’ in Beyond post about being an agnostic…i used it referring to the nuns of the private Catholic school that got me under their spell for 6 years during the whole elementary school….you can say the most delicate and impressionable years, right?

So you can imagine how much i have been molded and shaped and blessed with liters of holy water ……still……i am a living example that, even though heavily exposed to religion, once a kid grows up there is always the possibility that they will leave the usual path…and choose to go in opposite direction.
I did it……cold turkey…..glam bam thank you mam…..i left that path at 13 and never went back….

But i do agree with you that religion is a personal choice.
But, again, we are what we are beacuse shaped by what we come from….. its how we evolve from what we have been that makes us who we really are now… being us God gives us yes freedom to choose but also blame for choosing badly and leavign us with no one to blame expect ourselves…how many people can take this?

Parallel enough?….lol…


That doesn’t make a real lot of sense. It is not rational. A universe has no need for a god. A god might have use for a universe but it is unlikely.

There is no proof there was a big bang to begin with. All of this is pure mumbo jumbo……

I beg you return to your notes and try again. Perhaps you dropped a page. Have a look on the floor under your desk……..

BTW…. matter and energy are one and the same, and there is no such thing as good and evil in terms of the space-time continuum.



I just wrote something like this on beyond’s post (although not nearly as succinctly or eloquently or even as well thought out). I love pondering these questions.

Pieter: My interpretation of what he’s saying here is that a god would have a use for a universe, and that’s why it gets created in the first place. One theory I heard recently, that resonates with me, is that we all (not just humans, but all forms, animal, mineral, vegetable, etc.) have a spark of the divine in us, and our purpose is to communicate information to that divine entity (which is an energy, just like we are), and eventually reunite with that entity when we’ve achieved a high enough vibrational level, not to reconstruct that entity exactly as it was, but to make it better… a new and improved version, if you will.

As far as good and evil, those are man made terms, and I think mOOn’s way of explaining a purpose for how we perceive the polarity that exists in all things makes perfect sense. The time-space continuum, in my opinion, is just an illusion that exists only in this universe (as is matter), which is one of many in the multiverse. But that’s all just a theory. None of us really know, do we?


Oh no you don’t….. If the universe creates a god because it has a role to play there in, then you need a god to create the universe. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t say that the universe is created spontaneously from the megaverse or multiverse because then nothing has been created. The universe would then simply be an extention of the larger existence. That is, the universe is the product of a parent universe (and possibly so on and on….). That is not creation but continuation.

If you say the universe does just pop into reality from nothing (no multiverse) and there was no need for a god to bring it about, then you will not produce gods within that universe unless the nature of that god is extremely limited. That god would not be omnipitent, for example. Where was it before it “evolved”? That god obviously is not all powerful since he cannot even create a universe. I presume when the universe ends then so would that god, since it is subject to the rules of existence. He must follow the laws of physics – as it were.

No – sorry…. Either god is there… at the time when there is nothing but god… or not at all.

However, we are assuming in these cases that there was a beginning and that there will be an end. I assume no such thing. The universe may have always existed and will always do so. Then there is no need for creation and thus no need for a god.

As for our quest to make the stuff of which we are made better…. If we are all part of the divine energy then we are also divine and therefore by definition are already perfect. You cannot improve on perfection.

Again…. you need to look for the piece of paper under the desk. I promise you, it is there. It has the answer on it. I’m pretty sure.

Either that or it is blank…. which means we have to start all over again. D’oh!!!


I was a bit vague in my first paragraph (above). I mean to say that you can’t create a universe with physics and then develop gods who then create the rest of the place. That makes no sense at all. Either you have gods to create to whole lot, or none of it.

Such a god would not fit the description of what a god is. A god is all powerful and all knowing. A god must therefore always exist before anything else. A god would therefore exist where nothing else exists. Is that possible. If there is nothing can sometihing exist in it?

Do you see a problem here????



I see the problem, Pie. You know that God can’t exist where nothing else does. By definition, “God” (as popularly conceived) is omniscient and omnipotent. There is no reason why God has to start out that way. Hence, later on, the “Time Traveling” aspect. If God evolves like everything else does, physics can result in a full blown universe (in this case nothing is being “created” – it always exists as the quantum foam minimally at the very least) that leads to an initial intelligence. That intelligence begins to act on that which it observes – or interacts with – thus changing it through that interaction (Bohm). Given long enough, intelligent design could well begin to influence the universe. But from there, under these conditions, God itself is also within and of the universe and ultimately subject to disintegration and collapse. If this doesn’t fit the “Hallmark” definition of God, neither does a lot of the behavior attributed to the God of the Old Testament. But who, after all, can call any entity capable of shaping galaxies and stars and planets anything less than a God?




Oh, also – you seem to imply that a lesser thing (the universe) cannot result in a greater thing (God), yet that is sometimes the very consequence of evolution, and there is a word for that which is greater than the sum of its parts – synergy. God could be a synergistic result of universal components capable of rising above the “laws” of physics. Then It just might save the universe from cyclic destruction – or send it there even faster for recycling.



I will read your posts again but only if you read mine again. Either you have not understood me or the reverse.

I am not saying a universe cannot be created by god. I am saying a universe would not give rise to a god. That would not make sense unless we redefine what god is. We must speak of the god in the traditional sense. That is one that is “all that” (so to speak). God can do anything – by definition. God can even exist in paradox. He can be and not be simultaneously no matter how much we don’t like it. However I would argue that that is in fact “being” at all times albeit not apparent to us or to god himeself (excuse the masculine anthromorphication of god). If god can exist and not exist before, during or after the universe had been created then I defy god and claim he exists now and that he existed at all those times – whether he likes it or not. (get back in that quantum world god!!!)

I further challenge god and say that I am prepared to accept a paradox for only a very short time before I lose my mortal patience…. I will not tolerate a god who is strong enough to lift a rock so big which he created to be the rock not even god can lift. In other words, can he make a rock so heavy not even he can lift it? Uh oh………..

Can god destroy himself. Can anything else destroy him?

How long did god sit around waiting to get to get bored with nothingness I wonder? What inspired god to suddenly bring existence into being? Or did he merely extend himself so that he became manifest in the universe. Then god and the universe are one and the same. If that is true then all this discussion is moot. None of this matters since then the whole damn thing has always existed and always will. No beginning – no end. If that is true then I see no need for a god. Therefore that makes no sense either.

Frankly I do not believe that god is intelligent. That is a human quality. It is not rational. My image of a god is that he simply is. God does not “do”. He “is”. He does not create nor destroy. He is the stuff and that’s it.

Perhaps god could do anything but he doesn’t. He was supposed to have said “I am”. He did not say “I do” or “I will do – later when I feel like it”.

Anyway…. I need coffee now. God no longer makes my coffee for me. Bye. kissy kissy…..



Yes…yes, we ARE redifining “God.” That’s why I’m not a Christian, etc.

Let’s not nitpick over the term “intelligence.” Although God’s IQ would be off the scale even by MY assessment. Matter and energy – the stuff and the fluff – is indeed one thing in at least two forms. That’s why it might even make sense that half of God was dormant and the other half active, the active acting upon the dormant.

I’ve been reading these posts at work so in the midst of this day (involving a real weirdo who went ballistic and got loud and threatening with everyone before making a dramatic exit) I may have misread or missed something, I do intend to peruse this again in awhile…just got off.

But yes, exactly I’m redefining God and I think that God has 3 manifestations simultaneously, under my theory. Hang on…




I sounds like you have one of those toxic sociopathic lunatics at your work place. You know you are duty bound to destroy them. They will make life at work a misery until one of you is dead or fired.

You clearly have no option but to play god and kill the evil prick.

I shall leave you to your plotting and scheming. (muhahaha…etc.)

Toodles…… kissy kissy. Piet.



…[continued]…okay, 3 manifestations simulataneously.

One – The New God, who eventually becomes Omniscient and Omnipotent, but who has created galaxies, stars and planets before achieving such heights, thus is imperfect but powerful…

Two – The Omniscient God – the inventor / realm of Heaven + Hell, the afterlife overseer, the Judge who knows everything and puts your personality where it belongs…

Three – The Omnipotent God – The Time Traveler who interacts with Its own prior forms, as if you could visit your childhood self and co-exist simultaneously. There’s no paradox here. God is now Omnipotent and can do whatever It wants.

I’m wondering if it might even be so that when Omnipotent God meets New God, life forms witnessing the spectacle may think that New God is The Devil.

The perfection attributed to God may be our greatest mistake. You don’t have to be perfect to come across as all-powerful. I suggest the possibility that any God who can DO anything as well as KNOWS everything is going to eventually come to a dead halt – all alone.

To be all-powerful is to be ultimately powerless.




Okay Pie, later – and yes, that guy was over the top – not the norm, or God knows (pun intended) I’d quit.




Oh, Pie, one more thing. Notice that even when “God” is offline, we have that which I call The Constant. There’s no such thing as nothing.



You are toying with god. How dare you!!!!

Make up your mind – would you. Either god is the classic “I can do anything” god or nothing. The rest are not gods but very very clever (and probably naughty) boys with too much time on their hands. What do you think the universe is? America????

Get out of it you weirdo….. I reject your reality utterly.

BTW Nothing cannot be – but only for the time being……


Now leave me alone….. Judge Judy is on.


Heh heh——–I get it. It’s 4:20. ><><><>< Heh. Hrmph.



No… It is 7:39PM on Thursday
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Four…twenty….four twenty…..4:20 (it’s a counter-cultural reference – am I the only one who knows this?>


No… It is 7:18PM on Friday
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You’re stuck in that time loop again. Dammnit Virgil, must you play with that damn contraption? Last time I had to tell you 446 times before you realised it….. <sigh>


447…but who’s counting? ppppfffffffffffffffffffffffffftt.


If you had been counting properly you’d know it is now at 1128……

on the tone it will be 7:41PM precisely – Saturday
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well I find it intriguing that the stone master is the one who mentioned 4:20.

Anyways, this would have been nice to have at the beginning of my Philosophy of Religions class last semester.

And even if we look at it this way, people will STILL debate….is God the chicken or the egg, and which one came first?

Very interesting post! You posted this on my blog for me to read, and I hope other readers who venture there will venture here.

The oceans hold 300 times the living capacity of Earth’s small waterless surface. From below, someone is watching….

Deep in the oceans lived bright minds capable of wonderful extremes. They had existed for millions of years and had never been to a world beyond the water, but some imagined it. Some of them even suspected that life might exist in an indescribable world “beyond water.”

Why was a bright glow appearing everywhere above the world? What was the source of this brightness that appeared above them if they ascended, no matter where the people flowed upward to be?

This odd, cosmic pulse of overhead light and darkness encompassed the known universe. Most took it for granted and cared not one bit about what or why it was.

Yet even species closely related feared one another, even those whose primary biological distinctions were that one nation had a fishlike shape, green skin and scales and was comfortable between 5,000 fins below the surface down to 16,000 fins, while the other nation had a humanoid form, blue skin and scales and was functional between 12,000 and 19,000 fins underwater.

Sentient life forms are unavoidably entwined….